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EDITING Keyboards

10% off Logic keyboards 10% off the price as shown above. The discount will be deducted when you add the keyboard to the basket and before you pay for the order.

Logic Photoshop UK keyboard PS2 connection

Logic Photoshop UK keyboard PS2 connection

Price:25.00  +VAT  (30.00 Inc. VAT at 20%)

Special offer price - was 89+VAT Now 25+VAT

This keyboard has been in stock for sometime. It has not been used and is still boxed, but is obviously slightly old and may not have current Photoshop shortcuts - hence the greatly reduced price. This keyboard is PS2 ONLY.  If you do not have a PS2 socket you will need to buy a PS2 to USB connector.

The custom LogicKeyboard makes controlling Adobe Photoshop a lot simpler and faster. It has all custom key commands to readily accessible from a dedicated, clearly labelled, colour-coded keyboard. Using this keyboard is also a great way to learn the Photoshop key commands. And since the Photoshop custom keyboard also features all the regular letter, number, and symbol labelling that you will find on a conventional keyboard, it can simply be used as a substitute for it.

♦    Easy to set up and use. No software required. Soft touch keystroke - Ideal for all day comfort
♦    Windows Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 & 10.
♦    Connection: Wired PS2. PS2 to USB2 adaptor NOT included

Editors Keys wired Adobe Premiere Pro CC USB keyboard

Editors Keys wired Adobe Premiere Pro CC USB keyboard

Price:24.16  +VAT  (28.99 Inc. VAT at 20%)

Only 1 Premiere Pro CC keyboard left in stock at this price. New Editor's Keys keyboards are coming soon, and we expect the price to increase.

USB, wired keyboard with all the shortcuts for Adobe Premiere Pro CC on the keyboard.

This keyboard has been designed for use with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This compact USB wired keyboard has all the main Premiere Pro CC shortcuts on the keys.  It also works as a regular keyboard although it lacks a proper "\" key which which has to be accessed by hold ctrl & Alt followed by the # key..

The keyboard has a UK layout with a symbol on the number 3.  To get the best out of the keyboard you will need to install the Editors keys keyboard layout file provided.

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