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ProxSys® MA Media Archive Server

The new ProxSys MA Media Archive Server is a series of affordable archive solutions for popular tapeless media formats.

ProxSys MA is targeted at users of P2, SxS, Sony Professional Disc, FS DTE and other tapeless media sources who require a simple and affordable way to automatically ingest content, add custom metadata, archive the content to redundant and affordable storage and then easily find and quickly retrieve that content anytime in the future. To aid in quick search of content at a latter date, a Flash preview is automatically generated during ingest and remains online along with both native and custom metadata on the ProxSys MA system. Users can search and preview content from any networked web browser client and once content has been located, the original high-resolution content can be easily retrieved from either Blu-ray disc or USB HDD for immediate use.

Clear and Store

Quickly clear and re-use expensive media (e.g. P2 and SxS-Cards) Import Media to the ProxSys MA (using features like Folder watch, manual import, native metadata import, device watch) Share content via Network (e.g. for NLE or fast distribution) Auto proxy preview clip generation Automatical creation of a new project or manual addition of content to existing project Add own metadata Assignment of a unique file and project ID

Save and Archive

When imported media reaches 90% of the Blu-Ray discs capacity (now at 25 or 50GB) auto archiving procedure starts The content ist archived to 2 Blu-Ray discs 1 for safe long term archive, 1 for current use (NLE for example). Alternatively media can also be archived on HDD Preview clip is added to the disc for faster retrieval Individual company template is printed as label on Blu-Ray media High-Res content is deleted from server after burn proof confirmation Optimized schedule allocates tasks for office hours and after office hours to enhance performance Blu-Ray Archive will last 50+ years

Find and Share

Easy, intuitive and clear Graphical User Interface Browser based: Access from anywhere at anytime - Mac and PC - without user licence fee Project oriented structure allows you to keep track of your media Quickly find desired media via metadata or unique file ID Verify the found media in the integrated Flash video player Preview Clips are described with metadata and up to 5000 hours constantly stay on the Hard Disc for instant retrieval

ProxSys MA-10

Price:4,595.00  +VAT  (5,514.00 Inc. VAT at 20%)

including Internal Blu-ray Burner

ProxSys MA-50

Price:8,595.00  +VAT  (10,314.00 Inc. VAT at 20%)

including automatic Rimage 2000i Burner System

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