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Encore CS3 tutorial

Encore CS3 tutorial

Encore CS3 tutorial

Price:25.00  +VAT  (30.00 Inc. VAT at 20%)


A comprehensive tutorial for using Adobe's powerful DVD authoring application, Encore CS3. The tutorial covers the entire DVD and Blu-ray authoring process, including import from Premiere Pro, navigation and menu design, integration with Photoshop and encoding for both standard and HD video.

The tutorial is available in two versions:

Standard video DVD

This version is produced as a video DVD and will play on any DVD player or on a computer with a DVD player such as Power DVD.  Since a standard definition DVD is low resolution, the quality of the image when showing the full screen of a PC is limited.  So to overcome this we have panned and scanned the image during editing for clarity of onscreen text and information.  This version of the tutorial comprises 2 video DVD discs.

Flash DVD

The tutorial was filmed in 720P HD and so this second version is the entire tutorial produced as an HD Flash video file at 1280 x 720.  To play it you just put the disc in your computer and load the main index page up using your favourite web browser.  Then the video will play at the same size as it was filmed and should be as clear as a normal computer display.  This version has the advantage of being easier to read than the DVD-video version, but will only play on your PC.  This version was created using the HD Flash Export options of Encore CS4.  The entire tutorial comes on one DVD.  The tutorial content is exactly the same on both versions.

Why do we make two versions?

The Flash version is the easiest to make and the clearest to watch.  However many people still prefer a video-DVD version as they can play the disc in a DVD player which sits next to their PC.  This means they can watch some of the tutorial and then try out what they have learned on the PC.   Creating the DVD video version is a lot more effort on our part and one of the reasons other training disc producers no longer do this.  However after taking opinions from our customers we decided to carry on making the DVD-video version as that was the preferred version.

Mac or PC?

Either disc will work fine on a Mac or a PC. and the content is the same as Encore works on both platforms.  The disc was filmed using a PC running Windows Vista.

  • DVD Video   
  • Flash version for computer-only playback   

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