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ADVC1000 DV-SDI Converter

Price:1,470.00  +VAT  (1,764.00 Inc. VAT at 20%)

The Canopus ADVC-1000 converts SDI to DV and vice versa.

The Canopus ADVC1000 converts SDI to DV and DV to SDI and therefore can be used to edit material from a Digital Betacam or SDI equipped player / recorder on a DV based edit system.

The Canopus ADVC 1000 has an elaborate system to ensure frames are not duplicated or corrupted called PerfectSync (patent pending). This relates to external video frequency synchronization rather than Audio Sync.
Both Devices offer RS422 machine control and Timecode support but an additional lead is required for this.

ADVC1000 Front view

ADVC1000 back view

VTR Control by AV/C-RS422 Conversion

ADVC1000 converts DV device control signals to RS422, to control an external VTR. Such control makes it possible to take in data from professional VTRs such as Digital Betacam from any standard DV editing software that features DV device control.

Professional Video System Input

Reference input and LTC input/output can be utilized to create a professional video editing system with editors or switchers.

Reference Input

  • LTC input/output
  • Reciprocal TC conversions (LTC, VITC, DV TC)

Four-channel Embedded Audio Support

SDI supports up to four channels of embedded audio. It transfers professional level video/audio signals and can connect to long distance transmission systems. ADVC1000 has AES/EBU terminals to support multi-channel audio operation with a professional audio mixer.

Advanced Usability

ADVC1000 is quickly configurable. Front panel controls include a mode switch and menu selection buttons with an LCD display for conversion settings.

ADVC1000 can operate as a stand-alone device not requiring a computer while keeping any pre-programmed settings.


  • Innovative DV technologies from Grass Valley provide the best picture quality preservation
  • SDI and DV I/O; digital audio I/O (AES/EBU); reference input
  • Analogue video and unbalanced audio output (for monitor preview)
  • Quick configuration using front panel controls and LCD status and settings display
  • 9-pin serial port (AV/C-RS422 command convert function)
  • Half-1U rack mount design
  • NTSC and PAL compatible
  • Windows and Mac OS compatible

Unit Dimensions

  • Width 215mm x Depth 240mm x Height 44mm

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