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Unfortunately from Friday 10th March 2017 DVC has ceased trading. We would like to thank our customers for their support over the years. Unfortunately the company was not making enough money to cover the costs, and we concluded it could not continue.

Can I get support on my DVC system?

David Clarke has set up a company to offer training and support. You can contact me by emailing: or visiting the website,

Can I see the range of free training videos that were on the DVC website?

These are available by visiting

I have a problem with a DVC or SGDV Vistitle tutorial, what can I do?

Contact David Clarke on and he will try to help.

Can I still buy the DVC training courses and SGDV VisTitle training?

David Clarke's EDIUS training course has been updated and is available through the DVC Training website. Other training videos will be available from the DVC Training website with updated material and interfaces in the coming months. The SGDV video is also available to order and download from DVC Training.

Will you be selling systems in a new company?

We came to the conclusion that we could not generate enough business to sustain the costs needed to supply specialist video systems any more and will not be setting up a new company doing the same thing. If you contact David Clarke he can advise you on where you can buy a system and the components needed, for a modest cost.

What happened to the DVC employees?

Ringo and Adam have both found alternative employment, which, thankfully they found very quickly. David has started the training and support company.

I want to buy EDIUS but cannot find somewhere to buy it

If you visit the DVC training website we can give you a link to buy it direct from the European distributors and will help with installation and other problems.

Can you recommend another company that specialises in editing systems like DVC?

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend any other specialist company as we were the last such company in the UK. For laptops we would suggest PC Specialists, who sell the same laptops that we used to sell, although they do not know too much about video. However the prices are good and they have a decent warranty.